Monday, February 8, 2016

The Sound - Jeopardy (1980)

First-rate, severely depressing English post-punk. To my ears, Jeopardy is one of the best records of its kind. How can music be 100% appropriate both for dancing and killing oneself?

Track listing:
1. I Can't Escape Myself
2. Heartland
3. Hour of Need
4. Words Fail Me
5. Missiles
6. Heyday
7. Jeopardy
8. Night Versus Day
9. Resistance
10. Unwritten Law
11. Desire

Seems like my shadow mocks every stride

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Virgin Prunes - ... If I Die, I Die (1982)
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  1. Just what I need this week. Many thanks.

  2. I'd never heard this before yesterday, and yet it was so familiar to me. Extraordinary and incredibly affecting. Thank you very much.