Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - Like a Duck to Water (1976)

Awe-inspiring synthesizer pieces from a group that included, among others, the great David Borden, whose solo work I really need to get around to posting. Truly topnotch stuff, right here.

Track listing:
1. Oleo Strut
2. All Set
3. Theme from After the Fall
4. Waterwheel
5. C-A-G-E Part II
6. Downtown
7. Harpsichord Truck
8. C-A-G-E


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  1. Now this is right up my street. Many many thanks.

  2. Thanks for this and so many other items I've gotten from your blog. You rock!

  3. Can't wait. Thanks, as always. I don't chime in anywhere near as often as I should.

  4. especially the cage tracks & oleo strut!