Friday, February 26, 2016

Ordo Equilibrio - The Triumph of Light... and Thy Thirteen Shadows of Love (1997)

First-rate Swedish industrial-neofolk. Because, much like that of black metal, the neofolk scene is riddled with racist shitheads, it might please you to know that Ordo Equilibrio (now Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio) are quoted as stating that "nazis, racists, and homophobes [have] no place in [their] scene."

Track listing:
1. Victory Starts Here, in the Land of Completion
2. Walpurgisnacht in the Grotto. Dancing with Lilith
3. Marching Across the Stupid and Ignorant
4. Thou Cannot Love Them All, When the Trumpet Sounds
5. Entering the Masturbatory / Luxuria My Rubber Angel
6. This Absolute Supper, Second Consecration
7. Carnival (Festivity in Flesh)
8. Invocation ov Prosperity, Pleasure, Progress, and Love
9. Under the Rose, Cuitus Excelsi. Pain, Bondage, and Subjugation
10. After Reign Cometh Sun
11. Living By the Sword. Dying By the Sword. The Lustrous Banquet
12. And So Forth...

Stand alone

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  1. Read the description and thought... yeah, quite fancy this...

    Scanned down the tracklist and read the title of track 5... okay, this is getting downloaded - immediately!

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