Monday, February 15, 2016

Damad - Burning Cold (2000)

One of the greatest crust records ever recorded, Burning Cold is just so goddamn dense and crushing; it sounds and feels like the entire world crumbling around you. Damad disbanded following the death of their bassist, Brian Duke, and from their ashes rose Kylesa, a band who, for me, has never quite managed to top this sludge-y, sample-packed, monstrous monument to the end times.

As a bonus, I'm including Damad's tracks from their split with Meatjack, cause I'll probably never get around to posting it -- great as it may be -- and those three songs are as essential as anything on here.

Track listing:
1. Kickinthesouth
2. Wordless
3. Burning Cold
4. Token
5. Skintight
6. Hideandseek
7. Landescape
8. Link

One more line
One more blind

More stuff I liked in high school:
Ambush - Lach! (1994)
Catharsis - Samsara (1997)

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