Friday, February 5, 2016

HellVomit / Enbilulugugal - Memento Mori [Split] (2002)

Noisy, filth-encrusted, lo-fi US black metal chaos. HellVomit was a solo project of Joel Grind, best known as the man behind Toxic Holocaust. These seven blasphemous, sloppy, poorly mixed, drum-machined driven tracks reeeeally make me wish that this had been his main project. Due to their everything-in-the-red-always approach, Enbilulugugal veer closer to straight up blackened noise, and though it's hard to pick a favorite song title out of such a formidable lineup, I think I'm gonna have to go with "Hail the Nunimpregnating Goatdemon of the Bowels of the Black Fucking Abyss".

Track listing:
1. Goat Semen
2. Nuklear Christ Killer
3. Filth
4. The Unholy Blood of Swine
5. Mass Torment and Repression of One Million Souls
6. Holokaust
7. Vile Human Scum
8. Lord of Lust and Black Blood Armageddon Including Torturous Bludgeon of the Immortal Goatlord
9. Sadistic Black Rape of the Virgin Daughter of Gutted Bastard Christ
10. Blasphemous Morbid Hammer of the Maniacal Angel Whipper
11. Unholy Fucking Bloody Pentagrams Embellish Thy Skull
12. Dissemination of Black Goatsemen and the Evil Fleshplague of Doomhell
13. Hail the Nunimpregnating Goatdemon of the Bowels of the Black Fucking Abyss
14. Slaughter the Whore Demoness of Sodomy and Infernal Hellfire
15. Vomitations of the Goat Upon the Catholic Throne of the Communist God

Frostfucked black metal goatsodomy

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