Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Saints - Prehistoric Sounds (1978)

Australian punk greats The Saints' killer third LP is a step away from the snotty punk of their beginnings and towards a more classic but singular sound. The horns that sporadically popped up on Eternally Yours are on nearly every track here, and they're used not just for Stax-like horn sections ("Everyday's a Holiday, Every Night's a Party", "Security") but as parts of explosive, improvisatory instrumental sections ("All Times Through Paradise") and for rich, dark ambiance ("The Chameleon").

Track listing:
1. Swing for the Crime
2. All Times Through Paradise
3. Every Day's a Holiday, Every Night's a Party
4. Brisbane (Security City)
5. Church of Indifference
6. Crazy Googenheimer Blues
7. Everything's Fine
8. The Prisoner
9. Security
10. This Time
11. Take This Heart of Mine
12. The Chameleon
13. Save Me
14. Lipstick on Your Collar [bonus]
15. One Way Street [bonus]
16. Demolition Girl [bonus]
17. River Deep Mountain High [bonus]

Watch the light as it moves
Feel the eyes in your room
You are free, you can do anything

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  1. Is there a greater voice than Chris Bailey? Me thinks not. Punk, rock'n roll, whatever one chooses to call it, Mr. Bailey's bawl exudes all that needs be required. I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air says "why don't you try it, you'll feel alright..."