Wednesday, February 3, 2016

John Foxx - Metamatic (1980)

First solo LP from John Foxx, who had recently left Ultravox after fronting their first three albums. Sinister, discordant synth 'pop' that is musically and conceptually -- an imagined dystopian future defined by isolation via technology -- very much akin to early Gary Numan, but with far less commercial potential.

Track listing:
1. Plaza
2. He's a Liquid
3. Underpass
4. Metal Beat
5. No One Driving
6. A New Kind of Man
7. Blurred Girl
8. 030
9. Tidal Wave
10. Touch and Go
11. Film One [bonus]
12. Glimmer [bonus]
13. Mr. No [bonus]
14. This City [bonus]
15. 20th Century [bonus]
16. Burning Car [bonus]
17. Miles Away [bonus]

Figure fades away, someone takes my place

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  1. my mate at work is right into this early synth stuff. He was a proper Numanoid back in the day. He's always going on about John Foxx too.

  2. nice one. tis a great album.
    curious to hear these bonus tracks.
    many thanks. long liv.

  3. The. Best. Period.

  4. Great cover, BTW. Is that zeigeist or what?