Monday, May 13, 2013

Gary Numan - Warriors (1983) + Strange Charm (1986)

OK, so as you may or may not know, after his unassailable Machine trilogy (Replicas, The Pleasure Principle, + Telekon) Gary Numan's discography gets pretty spotty. It's hard to say what drove him to add slap bass, wailing saxophones, diva backing vocals, and generally SNL-y elements to his sound, but the results are truly bizarre and, for many, quite off-putting. If the idea of dystopian, synth-based pseudo-funk is appealing to you, proceed.

Track listing:
1. Warriors
2. I Am Render
3. The Iceman Comes
4. This Prison Moon
5. My Centurion
6. Sister Surprise
7. The Tick Tock Man
8. Love Is Like a Clock Law
9. The Rhythm of the Evening
-Strange Charm-
1. My Breathing
2. Unknown and Hostile
3. The Sleeproom
4. New Thing from London Town
5. I Can't Stop
6. Strange Charm
7. The Need
8. This Is Love



  1. "dystopian, synth-based pseudo-funk"

    aaahhh, it's not quite my usual table but if it means I don't have to sit near those awful pierced nihilists then I'll gladly try to make small talk with the Michael Winner of post-punk.

  2. Both albums by G Numan are gone.

  3. Totally agree on this "unassailable Machine trilogy (Replicas, The Pleasure Principle, + Telekon)"!