Friday, May 3, 2013

John Martyn - Grace and Danger (1980) + Glorious Fool (1981)

John Martyn was a British singer-songwriter who, over the course of a career that spanned over five decades, developed and honed a unique musical vision that fused elements of blues, folk, jazz, and rock. Written and recorded as Martyn went through a divorce, Grace and Danger can be considered among the all-time great breakup records. His next album, Glorious Fool, has a similarly lush, keyboard-heavy sound and is, ultimately, just as emotionally complex and compelling.

Track listing:
-Grace and Danger-
1. Some People Are Crazy
2. Grace and Danger
3. Lookin' On
4. Johnny Too Bad
5. Sweet Little Mystery
6. Hurt in Your Heart
7. Baby Please Come Home
8. Save Some (For Me)
9. Our Love
-Glorious Fool-
1. Couldn't Love You More
2. Amsterdam
3. Hold On My Heart
4. Perfect Hustler
5. Hearts and Keys
6. Glorious Fool
7. Never Say Never
8. Pascanel (Get Back Home)
9. Didn't Do That
10. Please Fall In Love with Me
11. Don't You Go



  1. He's American? You sure about that?!

    1. Oops. Don't know how that happened, I know he was British. Must have been overcome with patriotism and the time.

  2. Solid Air is brilliant too.

  3. More specifically, he was a Scot, from the Glasgow area I believe.