Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Necessary Evils - Spider Fingers (1997)

Noisy, scuzzy, psychedelic garage punk. The band's savage performance, vocalist Steve Pallow's raw howl, a bit of space-age synth, and lines like "pretty white girl, it's okay to die" manage to achieve the nigh impossible feat of making blues-based rock exciting, unpredictable, and even a bit frightening.

Track listing:
1. Flames o' Heat
2. Pretty White Girl on a Black Death Train
3. Lost My Baby
4. Motorwitch
5. William
6. Tragedy
7. Back-Stabber
8. The Deceiver
9. Alone and Dead
10. Rock 'n Roll
11. Skin Ripper
12. State of Confusion

Dead drunk

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