Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cheater Slicks - Whiskey (1993)

Catchy, bludgeoning Bostonian (currently Columbus-ian) garage-punk. Thick, feedback-encrusted guitars, breakneck drumming, and a production job that more-or-less perfects the blown-out-yet-crisp sound that every punk band seems to want at the moment. Prepare yourself for the noise-addled, zen-like rock n' roll nirvana that is 28 minute-long centerpiece, "Thinkin' Some More".

Track listing:
1. Possession
2. Savage Affection
3. Time You Spent with Me
4. Leave My House
5. Indefinite Exhibition
6. Thinkin' Some More
7. Can It Be
8. I'm Grounded
9. Red Book
10. You Don't Satisfy

Half past high

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  1. Greatest band still in existence. Do you by any chance have "Don't Like You"? Virtually extinct in the blogosphere. Thanks again!

    1. Pretty sure I have all their stuff, but don't have my hard drive on me rn. I'll check and post a link if I have it

    2. Ha, turns out I do have my hard drive on me, and "Don't Like You" is totally on it -- it's actually the first Cheater Slicks record I ever heard. Here's a link: http://www74.zippyshare.com/v/yzitTFya/file.html

  2. Thanks alot! I hope the reissue comes out soon because I have heard legendary talk about the demos.