Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lilli Berlin - Süss Und Erbarmungslos (1982)

My god. So good. It's records like this that remind me that there really is a virtually infinite amount of stellar music in existence -- there's always more to be found. So, what we have here is some top-shelf German new wave/synthpop. It's bouncy, and at times it's psychotically peppy, but these moments are counterbalanced by some mid-paced, more outright sinister-sounding material, quirky, spoken-sung vocals, and more than a few shades of krautrock. Any fan of synth-y new wave will not be disappoint.

Track listing:
1. Liebe Ist Was Großes
2. Flottmann
3. Lächerlich
4. R.R. Bombasto
5. Atomkraftteddy
6. Freunde
7. Dumdidum
8. Handtaschencomputer
9. Verpiss Dich!
10. Frezeit
11. Ostberlin-Wahsinn


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  1. This is...simply fantastic. Raises a smile in a week where we could all do with one.

    Music blogging at its absolute best here - can't imagine coming across a record like this in any other way. And something like this coming hot on the heels of a black metal posting? classic Opium Hum!

  2. Thx, man! Good job!