Friday, January 8, 2016

John Klemmer - Waterfalls (1972)

Bought this LP based on cover art alone (this isn't my rip, mind you) and was not disappointed. Some tasty, psych-tinged post-bop led by saxophonist John Klemmer. Waterfalls is a live recording, but the sound is studio-quality. Really feelin' the echoplex on the sax, as well as the electric piano, which helps to make for a generally loose, mellow vibe.

Track listing:
1. Prelude I
2. Waterfall I
3. Utopia - Man's Dream
4. There's Some Light Ahead
5. Centrifugal Force
6. Prelude II
7. Waterfall II

Free flying spirits

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  1. Boris Savoldelli - Biocosmopolitan
    If You have this,please upload because I cant find it :<

    1. I do not have it, and couldn't find it with a quick search. Best of luck to you

    2. I spoke to soon. Found a slow-ass download for it, provided it finishes, I'll post it here.

    3. Great :)
      Now Im trying to find Dave Brubeck - At Storyville and Dave Brubeck - Classical Brubeck

  2. Thanks for the John Klemmer. Sounds just as good as it did all those years ago.

  3. Hi Spirit. You have a really tasteful, varied blog-it's quite exceptional!This LP was certainly from back when JK was amazingly trippy psych/jazzy. Long before the sellout years. I was fortunate enough to see Klemmer back in '72 with his full array of echoplex and other noise-making gizmos/goodies. Coolest parts were where he played some swirling echoplexed flute on an array of speakers throughout the club, audible both on stage and in the viewing balcony. Was a very nice soul and very appreciative towards the rather meager crowd.yeah, those were the days. (On a side note, can you please let dummy me know, from what movie your banner picture comes from? Thanks.

    1. Oh yeah. It's from Mulholland Drive, my all-time favorite!

  4. Thx! I love the sound of J.Klemmer.