Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Adrian Gurvitz - Il Assassino (1980)

You might know Adrian Gurvitz from one or more of his early bands -- The Gun, Three Man Army, or Baker Gurvitz Army (all proto-metal/hard rock greats) -- or his work with the Graeme Edge Band. What you might not know is that he released a series of phenomenal, disco-flavored soft rock solo records in the late 70s and early 80s, of which Il Assassino is the second, and my personal favorite.

Though it's all pretty much perfect, from the immaculate production to the breezy melodies to the casually diverse instrumentation (his rock chops shine through in the form of a few crucial twin guitar leads), what really sets this LP apart is Gurvitz's somewhat bleak lyrical approach, which compliments the often minor-key arrangements and provides a depth that you don't often get on records that sound like this.

Track listing:
1. Borrowed Beauty
2. Seventeen
3. Movie Picture
4. Hit Man
5. Movie Picture Theme
6. She's in Command
7. New World
8. Crying to the Night
9. Heat

Out of dreams

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  1. What a terrific album! I'd never heard of him prior to this post.
    Kind of feels like if Barry Gibb wrote all the songs in a missing Gregg Diamond album.
    Kind of like if air conditioning could scratch your back.

  2. Thanks for this one.Bought the first one when it came out,because of BGArmy.Was disappointed at the time.Later I did get to like it.So therefor I appreciate this one and looking forward to listen .