Monday, January 25, 2016

Wigrid - Hoffnungstod (2002)

Raw, atmospheric, Burzum-worshipping German black metal. Commenter Neon Knight really came through for me the other day on my Rahu post -- not only did he/she correct a dumb error I had made, he/she hipped me to some excellent US Burzum worship -- so if you're reading this, thanks, and if you haven't already heard it, give this one a spin!

Track listing:
1. Leere
2. Ort der Einsamkeit
3. Die Entstehung
4. Schreie der Verzweiflung
5. Das Sterben eines Traumes
6. Hoffnungstod
7. Der Weg in ein Anderes Dasein

Burying place

For more like this, try:
Grand Nocturne - Despair and Demise (2006)
Dusk - Örök Halálban (2009)



    Hope you are well. Thanks for the kind words. Have & like the Wigrid,
    though I haven't listened to it in a while. Glad you liked the GALDR
    (testimonial: liked the debut so much, I bought 2 copies of the

    On the "Burzum tip", you might also like ODE "Schimmenwoud" (2008):

    (ANCESTORS BLOOD, also on Heidens Hart, play amazing Pagan Black Metal).

    Not familiar with Graupel, but have heard & enjoyed VERDUNKELN, a Graupel
    side project who play a very unique "Dark Atmospheric Black Metal":

    Finally, and sorry for going on so long, but Ekpyrosis (2008) "Mensch aus
    Gold" deserves a listen. One 31 minute track of not quite (?) Avant Garde
    Black Metal.

    Thanks again for all the great music.

    Best wishes,

    R (male who lives in Toronto, Canada, home of the Black/Death gods

    p.s. did you get a chance to listen to the Nice Strong Arm LP?

    1. I put it on the other day, wasn't really feeling it but I haven't really been in a noise rock mood of late. Gonna give it another spin soon I'm sure. Thanks for all the recommendations, as you can surely tell, I'm always looking for new music!

  2. Thanks for posting Nuclearhammer! Have you heard their "Serpentine-Hermetic-Lucifer" LP?
    (link posted above) If you haven't, I'm sure you'll dig it.


    1. Oh yes, I've heard that. I love this band