Sunday, January 31, 2016

John Kerr - Reflections of Citadel (1991)

Lulling, ambient synthscapes by English composer John Kerr. All drawn-out chords, simple but evocative melodies, gentle pulses, and atmospheric reverberations. Reflections of Citadel compiles all but two of the songs from two of Kerr's albums -- Reflections (1987) and Citadel (1988).

Track listing:
1. Still Waters
2. Wings of a Child
3. Forbidden Dreams
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Ever Decreasing Circles
6. Reflections
7. The Call
8. The Thirteenth Triangle
9. The Misted Light Below
10. Paradise with a Sting
11. In the Shadow of the Light
12. Passion, Love, and Pain
13. On the Plains of Creation

Gathering of the spirits

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