Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rolf Trostel - Inselmusik (1981)

When I posted The Escher Drawings a few weeks ago, I promised "lots [more] like this in the coming weeks." For those keeping score at home, since then, I've done posts for records by Rudy Adrian, Erik Wøllo, and Manuel Göttsching & Michael Hoenig. And that's not even counting synthtastic stuff like Lilli Berlin and Frazier Chorus.

Now, here's another one. Though I'm definitely not getting tired of listening to this stuff -- if anything, I'm gaining steam -- I am running out ways to describe it. So suffice it to say: this sounds like a German dude performing extended compositions for multiple synthesizers. Would it help if I mention that they're all minor key?

Track listing:
1. TestTanz
2. ArtMeta
3. Urteil
4. Skizo
5. Der Prophet

Fun, fun, fun

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  1. another great one - many thanks!

  2. I had to comment when hit the ball out of the park. This album is the real oddball one. Rolf released a few things on Sky and virtually disassociated himself with the music scene. His stuff was compiled on a Manakin label 2 cd set I believe which is very hard to find just like the artists himself.
    Thanks a bunch!!!

  3. wow, thanks for introducing me to this magic - very much appreciate your efforts and generousity