Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rahu - The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows (2012)

Prevalent Resistance - Eternal Return (2008)

Epic, sorrowful, raw Finnish black metal.

Track listing:
1. Ordeal of X
2. Samudra Manthan
3. Kalas Bleed for the Sun-Eater
4. The Serpent King
5. Sceptre of the Auspicious One

Unknown voices

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  1. I love the dedication with which you pursue writing this blog. All the files come neatly tagged too, which is always thought was such a generous thing for a music blogger to do. A handful of my friends and me follow this blog regularly. Thanks for all the hard work!

    You might not make much of the stuff here, but it's what I can do for all the downloads over the years:

    The links are in the post titles, the pw for each file is fuckdmca. :P

    Thanks again!

  2. Oh, you already having tuning maze in your links. I just saw it. Never bothered to check your blogroll :P well, thanks anyway.


    Thanks for all the great music. Love a blog where I
    can find Flying Saucer Attack, Steve Roach, John Serrie,
    and Black/Death/Doom Metal.

    Not to nitpick, but I think the band is RAHU, not Raha.
    All the Circle of Ouroborus-related bands (e.g., Prevalent
    Resistance, Keres, Verivala, Venus Star, and Vordr) are

    Also, apologies if you already know it, but you might like
    Nice Strong Arm's Reality Bath (Homestead Records, 1987).
    Seen it described as noise/art/post punk, but it's definitely
    a neglected Indie classic.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the time put into the blog.

    Best wishes,

    p.s. Have you heard Galdr's (Georgia, US) atmospheric
    Black Metal? Love the stuff. "Total Burzum worship",
    as they say.

    1. You're right, thanks. I make mistakes like that all the time. Perhaps because my writing generally coincides with sitting around listening to music, which in turn generally coincides with being high

    2. Oh, and thanks for the recommendations! Haven't heard either of those, copping 'em right now.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful blog, real discoveries have been made. You should check out Cosmic Church, a great Finnish black metal act

    1. I fucking LOVE that band, one of my favorite black metal bands currently in existence. Have been meaning to do a post on them. So I have already heard them, but great instincts nonetheless!