Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Orthodox - Gran Poder (2006)

Spanish drone-doom. There are two things that really set Orthodox apart from their peers, the most obvious of which is their vocalist, who sings as if facilitating a religious ritual -- in keeping with the band's subversion of Orthodox Catholic themes -- with a sharp vibrato (I'm pretty sure there's a chorus effect on there as well.) The other is their fondness for, when not bringing the heaviness/riffage/etc., venturing into abstract, free-form sections, such as the beginning of "Arrodillate Ante La Madera Y La Piedra", which brings to mind Sunn O))) jamming with a jazz drummer who's shot full of barbiturates.

Track listing:
1. Geryon's Throne
2. Arrodillate Ante La Madera Y La Piedra
3. Oficio De Tinieblas
4. El Lamento Del Cabron

Silver birds of prey

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