Saturday, January 2, 2016

Charlie Louvin - The Kind of Man I Am (1969)

I'm been flying solo while my lady does a bunch of cool stuff back east, and as is so often the case when this happens, I'm finding myself drawn to old-school songs of heartbreak, because I am a fucking ball of cheese. There's nothing particularly inventive or edge-y about this album of 60's-style pop country but the songs are super solid (especially mega-bummers like "What Are Those Things" and "Life to Go") and Louvin's deep croon is immaculate as ever.

Track listing:
1. The Kind of Man I Am
2. She Called Me Baby
3. Yesterday's Letters
4. After Awhile
5. Until My Dreams Come True
6. Won't You Come Home and Talk to a Stranger
7. Let's Put Our World Back Together
8. Hungry Eyes
9. What Are Those Things (With Big Black Wings)
10. Life to Go
11. Millions Years Or So

What are those things with big black wings
Circling, descending from up overhead?
Lie to me tell me that they're only robins
Tell me that your love for me will never be dead

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