Friday, January 10, 2014

Muleskinner - Muleskinner (1972)

My fluffy 'lil warrior, Toast, is dying of lung cancer, and I am very, very sad. He's sitting next to me, purring and wheezing, and I am trying not to burst into tears. Consequently, I can only listen to music that funnels its bitter, tear-stained sorrow into catchy, upbeat songs. This is one of those albums. Living in Portland has burnt me out on bluegrass - fucking everyone feels like they need to play it at their restaurant/coffee shop/BBQ - but this I love.

Track listing:
1. Mule Skinner Blues
2. Blue and Lonesome
3. Footprints in the Snow
4. Dark Hollow
5. Whitehouse Blues
6. Opus 57 in G Minor
7. Runways of the Moon
8. Roanoke
9. Rain and Snow
10. Soldier's Joy
11. Blue Mule

He walks the runways of the moon
And he fears he runs condemned
Condemned to wander out of rooms
Of loved ones and of friends
I walk his phantom footprints
From a cloudless point of view
Oh, can't he find a place to stand
To catch a glimpse of you


  1. Just came across this blog by accident.Superb selection of albums that I did not know existed. Sorry to hear about your beloved pet having lung cancer, I hope the end was peaceful and dignified.

  2. hope you poorly cat passed peacefully very sad to read love and hugs to you from me and my two pussys munchkin and matilda