Tuesday, January 28, 2014

David Darling - Cycles (1982)

To the five of you who care: Sorry I've been neglecting the ol' bloggy-blog. I have been spending my free time trying to finish recording what will be the first official album from my solo black metal project (of course I have a solo black metal project), and things like "writing half-assed blog posts about semi-obscure albums" have been pushed to the back-burner. OH NO.

But here I am, home, too tired to record, listening to some ECM, so, might as well slap together this incredible writeup. I've posted about cellist David Darling before; this is his second album, and it's definitely one of my all-time favorite ECM records. Saxophonist Jan Garbarek puts in a reliably sharp, emotive performance, and there's a little bit of sitar and tabla here and there, too, giving it a slightly exotic (ugh) feel. K, I'm done.

Track listing:
1. Cycle Song
2. Cycle One: Namaste
3. Fly
4. Ode
5. Cycle Two: Trio
6. Cycle Three: Quintet and Coda
7. Jessica's Sunwheel



  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the good work you're doing here. You got me into collecting ECM records.

  2. to cheer you up:


    1. Ha, I appreciate that. I'm actually pretty stoked, just about things other than this blog. I can't watch whatever that video is right now, due to being at school. Curious.

  3. I bought the cd in a time when cd's where a lot more expensive than records, and this one, a sampler by the Peaceville Label, was a kind of a "cheap" promo cd. Accidental Suicide released two albums IIRC after this, but this demo is quite raw and over the top.

    Try this one, by the great Roky Erickson, who performs regulary in Europe and who I seem the miss all the time. I have this version on a Virgin Records sampler, whicj I initially bought for other bands that were on it.


    THe ECM stuff is really nice as well, thanks for pointing them out.

    1. Nice! I saw Roky Erickson a few years ago, he seemed completely out of it, but sounded incredible.

  4. Roky was never in it I am afraid :-) But it is nice to see that his family is putting him on the right track after all these years.

  5. One of ECM's best recording. All wonderful players coming together to make such an unusal record. Always loved this one..

  6. Thanks for the post. I have the first LP, so will be interested to hear this. I also took advantage of your Steve Tibbetts post.

  7. One of Darlings best group effort bar none. The watermark here from each player is unquestionable and each musician brings the essence of improvisation in a warm and encapsulating blanket of tonal beauty. Met Darling once many years ago and saw him perform amazing musician!