Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fleshcrawl - Descend into the Absurd (1992)

Murky, doom-ridden old school German death metal. Caveman riffs, reverb-heavy production, disgusted vocals. If you've only heard their later, more melodic/generic material, let me assure you -- Descend into the Absurd is first-rate stuff.

Track listing:
1. Between Shadows They Crawl
2. Phrenetic Tendencies
3. Perpetual Dawn
4. Purulent Bowel Erosion
5. Lost in a Grave
6. Never to Die Again
7. Festering Flesh
8. Infected Subconscious
9. Evoke the Excess

The chambers of incineration


  1. Meh. But I am more into Swedish death metal, although it''s repeating itself like it seems.

    1. Well, I dig it. It's not groundbreaking, but if you're a sucker for this sound like I am, it's gold. I like their second album a lot, too, consider checking that out!

  2. I will, I will... :-) Just did

    Made of Flesh has that old skool Entombed sound, same studio?

    One of the biggest problems Dmetal musicians have is their total lack of a sense of humour, I get bored with the albums after 2 songs..

    1. Then you, my friend don't understand death metal.

  3. People are still fighting for Swedish,Finnish,us DM? Lol