Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bone Crusher - Attenchun! (2003)

Attenchun! goes hard as FUCK. Sounds like a more ignorant, crunk version of DMX, minus all feelings and pop sensibility.

Track listing:
1. Lock & Load
2. Never Scared (Intro) (feat. Jermaine Dupri)
3. Never Scared (feat. Killer Mike & T.I.)
4. Back Up (feat. Dru)
5. Grippin' the Grain (feat. Lady Ice & Marcus)
6. Transaction (Interlude) (feat. Young Hungley)
7. Puttin' in Work (feat. David Banner & Lady Ice)
8. Break 'Em Off for Life (Interlude) (feat. Hezo, Dano, Jack Frost & Rico Love)
9. Gettin' It (Get Dat Money) (feat. Jack Frost)
10. It's Me (Lane to Lane) (feat. Lil Jon & Chyna Whyte)
11. For the Streets
12. Sound the Horn (feat. Bizarre)
13. Hate Ourselves (feat. Goodie Mob)
14. Vainglorious (Interlude)
15. Ghetto Song (feat. Lil' Pete)
16. Peaches & Cream
17. The Wall (feat. Chris Hardnett & Baby B.)

I'm starting to suspect that this guy has had his hand in some shady dealings over the years


  1. Rap's only golden age occurred in the deep south from 1996 to 2006, and this is one of the best records from that era... But I gotta disagree with one thing you said: this record is absolutely FILLED with pop hooks, and 'Never Scared' was a huge rap hit when this came out, 92Q in Baltimore used to play the hell out of it and - like all great pop songs - it never got old. Bone Crusher, *please* come back pronto and CRUSH Kanye and Macklemore into a meaty pulp! ;-) - mike apichella

    1. Yep, maybe 'no pop sensibility' was a bridge too far, this shit is catchy and hooky. I guess I meant that he wasn't chasing pop success like DMX did. Apparently all the B-more punks loved "Never Scared" because he says the word "punk" in it.