Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stained Glass - Open Road (1974)

Well, I'm headed to the coast, where I plan to stick my feet in the sand, drink some whiskey and some cheap beers, catch and eat some crabs, and stare at a mist-veiled Pacific. Here's some lovely, private press English folk that we'll be listening to on the way. Peace and love, my brothers and sisters.

Track listing:
1. Wild and Free
2. Winter Traveller
3. Just a Day
4. Black Jack David
5. Kiss the Day Goodbye
6. City Song
7. Poll Miles
8. Jolly Beggar
9. Lord Franklin
10. White House Blues

Better days are nearer all the time


  1. Excellent record, one of the post-hippy UK folk scene's finest moments - mike apichella

  2. gracias!! saludos desde Argentina