Monday, January 4, 2016

Robert Schröder - Brain Voyager (1985)

Some Berlin school nerdery for y'all. 95% synths, with a bit of acoustic guitar here and there, as well as some haunting vocals on one track. Apparently, Brain Voyager is the soundtrack to some unGoogleable movie called Glücksgedanken. I'm hella high on legal weed, there's a cat in my lap, and I'm rocking some choice space music, which is to say: sometimes, life is good.

Track listing:
1. Brain Voyager
2. Lost Humanity
3. Frozen Breath of Life
4. Invisible Danger
5. Glücksgedanken
6. Love Symphony
7. Slaves of Civilization
8. The Inside of Feeling

Harmonic ascendant

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  1. Sounds right up my street - many thanks!

  2. Good stuff, evoking visions of the protagonist traipsing darkened streets and back alleyways, bundled against the cold and trying to escape the memory of love lost or deeds done. My ear wants the guitar tones to be less piercing; but the entwining lines and overall mood are intriguing.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. Thanks for posting this - sounds great on a rainy day in june whilst depressed & cooking puttanesca to overcome it! Cheers from Qualicum Beach