Monday, May 19, 2014

Jonn Serrie - And the Stars Go with You (1987)

If you liked floating around in space with Michael Stearns, here's an opportunity to get back out there, this time with American composer Jonn Serrie. Synth washes and arpeggios, gently pulsing drums, and numerous instances of twinkly-dinklies.

Track listing:
1. Gentle, the Night
2. Fantasy Passages
3. And the Stars Go with You
4. The Far River
5. Stratos

Pan galactic


  1. Thanks for the space music. It is always a treat.

  2. thanks again for the music as i go thru your catalog of extremes

  3. Ahh perfect for a night of pan galactic gargle-blasters when you mind becomes a lemon peel. Space music in its most pure form in a vortex of glossolalia