Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Robert Rich & Lisa Moskow - Yearning (1995)

Peaceful, meditative sounds from ambient/New Age composer Robert Rich and sarod player Lisa Moskow. Rich's gauzy synth textures, ethereal flutes, and gently clanging percussion provide a weightless, enveloping backdrop for Moskow's evocative, spacious melodies. The perfect accompaniment to laying in bed, hydrating, and reminding myself to stop taking whiskey shots at the end of the night.

Track listing:
1. Bija
2. Suspension
3. Nada
4. Kali
5. A Thousand Tears
6. The Mirror

Black skies


  1. Thanks for the Robert Rich. He is another favorite of the space music group. You are on a roll with the space music, any chance for some Steve Roach? Thanks for all the music you provide.

    1. Sure, I actually almost posted "World's Edge" today. In the meantime, check the Steve Roach tag:

  2. @mwilson:

    I'd say the Hum is on a roll with everything, not only the space music. And thank you for suggesting Steve Roach.