Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death (1988)

Spectrum of Death, Morbid Saint's only official full-length, may be the greatest thrash metal album of all time. It's a blown-out, raw, raging riff factory, with insane, incomprehensible solos, vicious, raspy, reverb-soaked vocals, and not a single weak spot. Goddamn, this album kills every time. Mandatory metal listening.

Track listing:
1. Lock Up Your Children
2. Burned at the Stake
3. Assassin
4. Damien
5. Crying for Death
6. Spectrum of Death
7. Scars
8. Beyond the Gates of Hell

Kill the white rabbit before it kills you


  1. Wow, that's some good 80's thrash! Thanks!

  2. Dude. Just, FUUUUUCCCCKKKK! This is an amazingly intense album! When it comes to thrash, this stuff makes 80's Metallica sound like E.L.O! This one is so damn evil, I'd almost call it a proto-black metal record. I've found so much great metal on your blog, man. Thank you.

    1. Over half a year later, I'm listening to this record and feel compelled to respond lol. I'm starting to think that this is my favorite thrash record of all time. It makes Slayer sound tame. So glad I got to introduce you (and anyone else, of course) to this beast.