Thursday, May 15, 2014

Modern English - Mesh and Lace (1981)

Why didn't someone tell me that Modern English is so good?? I mean, I've always loved "I Melt with You" (and anyone who claims otherwise is lying) but I had no idea they were so legit. Released from the hallowed halls of early 80's 4AD, then re-released in '92 with over half an hour of additional, album-worthy material, their debut Mesh and Lace is a first-rate piece of dense, driving, atmospheric, noisy, anxious post-punk that is approximately 400x better than I expected it to be. It's totally self-serious, a bit pretentious, and smacks of goth-y melodrama, but to me, these are not problems.

Track listing:
1. Gathering Dust
2. 16 Days
3. Just a Thought
4. Move in Light
5. Grief
6. The Token Man
7. A Viable Commercial
8. Black Houses
9. Dance of Devotion
10. Smiles and Laughter
11. Mesh and Lace
12. Tranquility
13. Home
14. Swans on Glass
15. Incident

The pressure's on, no time to lose


  1. Yeah I buy that argument completely. Great post, thanks.

  2. This is excellent indeed. Absolutely modern.

  3. Cool! I just read a big tome about 4AD and got sold on a lot of stuff like this that I'd previously thought I knew to be a bit . . . naff (Dead Can Dance, for example). Thanks for this further access to what I shouldn't pretend to know about without listening to it first (and for your generally ruling blog).

  4. Is it possible to maybe upload the extended re-issue of the sophmore album 'After the Snow'? I have been in search of this specific release for some time now via blogspots and so forth but, to no avail. Any chance that this could be in the offing?

  5. dear unknown.....

    look here ->

  6. Thanks mate, this is awesome LP.
    Cheers from Lima - Perú