Sunday, May 25, 2014

Magazine - Secondhand Daylight (1979)

Sophomore LP from UK post-punk/new wave outfit Magazine. Formed by Howard Devoto, who had recently left his post fronting the Buzzcocks, Magazine retains his former band's sense of melody and hooks, but encompasses far more experimental arrangements and darker subject matter. Effectively straddling the line between post-punk and new wave, Secondhand Daylight's synth-saturated, downcast but upbeat sound is, at times, reminiscent of a punk-er take on Low-era Bowie. And that should be all you need to know.

Track listing:
1. Feed the Enemy
2. Rhythm of Cruelty
3. Cut-Out Shapes
4. Talk to the Body
5. I Wanted Your Heart
6. The Thin Air
7. Back to Nature
8. Believe That I Understand
9. Permafrost
10. Give Me Everything (bonus)
11. I Love You, You Big Dummy (bonus)
12. Rhythm of Cruelty (Single Version) (bonus)
13. TV Baby (bonus)

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