Friday, January 22, 2016

Brass Construction - Brass Construction (1975)

Excellent first LP from a bunch of cool motherfuckers from Brooklyn. Extended horn/synth/guitar/other solos over relentless, booty-shaking funk grooves, punctuated by gang-style vocal hooks. Get high, get funky, and get it on.

Track listing:
1. Movin'
2. Peekin'
3. Changin'
4. Love
5. Talkin'
6. Dance

I want'cha to dance

More boogie for ya butt:
Magnum - Fully Loaded (1974)
Afric Simone - Boogie Baby (1978)


  1. your taste is the greatest. thanks brother~

  2. many thanks sham, look forward to hearing this.
    i only have the 2nd album, which contains one of my all time favourite alchemical genre hotpots - "blame it on me" - country-soul-reggae whats not to like!
    but of course, i'm telling you something you know already i'm sure...