Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throbbing Gristle - Assume Power Focus (1982)

Assume Power Focus compiles early Throbbing Gristle recordings, most of which date back to 1975. The beat- and vocal-driven approach of "A Debris of a Murder" sets the stage for a collection that's a bit less demanding than their definitive later sound, but it's still sure to harsh any nearby mellows.

Track listing:
1. A Debris of a Murder
2. Freedom Is a Sickness
3. His Arm Was Her Leg
4. What a Day!
5. Dead Ed
6. Last Exit
7. Propaganda Yogananga
8. Sunstroke Militia
9. Heathen Earth
10. Urge to Kill
11. Epping Forest
12. Persuasion
13. Leeds Ripper


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  1. I've always felt that TG were primarily a political band, in their own non-political way.
    Could never get into their sound; Psychic TV sounded much better to my ears.

  2. @Pascal Cretain: Socio-political, perhaps? Thanks for your thoughts. I'm the inverse and prefer TG to PTV, and that's the beauty of this stuff--we each hear it differently.

    @DEAR_SPIRIT: I'm not nostalgic, but this post does serve to remind that after dispersing my vinyl collection years ago I occasionally lament that I didn't hang on to my pic disc copy of Live at Death Factory. Good to hear this early mucking about. Thanks for the post.

  3. Great timing, for a great compilation. TG just seem to work so well in January/February - grey skies and grey noise.