Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Legendary Pink Dots - The Maria Dimension (1991)

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A full-on masterpiece of dark, mind-melting outsider psych. Come get lost in a dense musical forest of acoustic and fuzzed-out guitars, synth, saxophone, and more, throughout which Edward Ka-Spel's warped, desperate vocals echo. Perfect in every way, except in that it is too creepy for mixed company.

Track listing:
1. Disturbance
2. Pennies for Heaven
3. Third Secret
4. The Grain Kings
5. The Ocean Cried 'Blue Murder'
6. Belladonna
7. A Space Between
8. Evolution
9. Cheraderama
10. Lilith
11. Fourth Secret
12. Expresso Noir
13. Home
14. Crushed Velvet

Deep down horrors untold
In the hold


  1. More!! :D

    1. Whoa, hadn't heard that first track, so rad!!

  2. Back in the Napster days one of the first tracks I ever downloaded was from the Legendary Pink Dots. I had read about them in Option, a long gone great music mag. After I burned a cd with a bunch of other psychedelic tracks I forgot who they were but I still have that cd and am always fascinated by that voice that never gets tiring. So after downloading this, I was stunned that this was who they were all the time. Thanks for this very great and entertaining release and for the joyful epiphany.

    1. I love when stuff like that happens! I have a mystery track that was in the folder for some other album that I got off Soulseek like ten years ago. It sounds kinda like Espers or something, but more abstracted. Some day I'll figure out who it is.