Friday, May 29, 2015

Orenda - Back in the Grave (2006)

Bulgarian black metal. Simple riffs played repeatedly to hypnotic effect over unending blastbeats -- aside from fills, it's literally all blasts until the last track -- and hateful vocals, with a subtle but crucial sense of dynamics generated by layering in reverb-drenched leads, sparse keyboards, and samples. Black metal for people who listen to too much black metal.

Track listing:
1. Kargan (Devastation)
2. The Shrine
3. Remembrance
4. A Deep Grave
5. Die Away
6. Obscurantism

Restless spirit passed through the oblivion
Icy winds left blowing behind him
Insane blizzards marked his traces
His wings were all fire
Fire and madness
Sorrowful wails were chasing him
Blood was raining
He did not turn back


  1. file is expired-- i do really would like to listen to this!!!