Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shackleton - Discography (1999-?)

So this one's pretty much a mystery to me. I don't remember how it ended up in my iTunes library, and this cryptic blurb is literally the only writing regarding this band on the entire internet. So from that, and a desolate last.fm page, I've been able to piece together that they were a 4-piece from San Francisco, they started in 1999, and they had an album called The Inland Mile. Anyone got the scoop?

Musically, this is guitar-driven, generally upbeat post-rock. Homemade but polished and fully legit, in a way that at times reminds me of Duster. It's hard to believe -- sad, even -- that a band this good could have so completely slipped between the cracks.

Track listing:
1. Flame On!
2. More for Detroit
3. Open Letter (To Mom and Dad)
4. Yo Terminator... Meet the Album That Killt Me
5. Roll On Horses (Roll On)
6. Replaced Space
7. Unemployable
8. The Send-Off
9. Sharp Air
10. Monster Song
11. Day of Feast, Day of Rest (Grow Away)
12. Jon and Roy
13. South Patrol
14. Body Doubles
15. The Forked Tongue
16. The Engine
17. Now, We Leave You!

It'll be so very long


  1. A note of commendation and recognition - I love your blog. Oddly, your taste in metal leaves me saying "meh" (I'm not much into metal) but EVERYTHING ELSE you post is fucking spot on. You've opened me to a lot of music I didn't know existed. Keep it up, champ. Keep it up.

    1. Glad to hear you're getting something out of your visits here. Metal just isn't for some people, I guess. It probably says something good about your emotional development, so thumbs up for you. I was hoping that your comment was going to contain some information on the mysterious Shackleton, though. Oh well.

  2. Apparently a couple of people in Shackleton went on to form Thee More Shallows (though one then moved away and had to leave the band)... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thee_More_Shallows

    1. Interesting, I'll check them out. Thanks!

    2. Was about to leave this comment (destroying your upload cache, though I grabbed this one from a /mu/ sharethread eons and eons ago) - Thee More Shallows is definitely something to look into if you like Shackleton. I recommend the "A History Of Sport Fishing" album for more bummed-out slowcore goodness.