Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Molested - Blod-Draum (1995)

Essential Norwegian death metal. Reverb-drenched drums and guitars that alternate between discordant speed picking and melodies that might come across as epic if they weren't so muddy, and vocals that seem to have very little to do with rhythm of the song over which they're being growled. Then, midway through the jaw-dropping "Following the Growls", Norwegian folk instruments come into play and stay there through the title track, making for some of the strangest, most thrilling sounds to ever pop up on a death metal record. Somehow, they then manage to top themselves with "The Hate from Miasma Storms", one of the best pure death metal songs in existence.

Track listing:
1. A Strife Won at Wraith
2. Along the Misty Morass
3. Unborn Woods in Doom
4. Following the Growls
5. Blod Draum
6. The Hate from Miasma Storms
7. Carved by Raven Claws
8. A Glade of Ingrown Blood
9. Forlorn as a Mist of Grief

But the owls have left
A greed for golden throne


  1. What You think about The Project Hate MCMXCIX?
    Could You upload "Cyber Sonic Super Christ", "When We Are Done, Your Flesh Will Be Ours",Armageddon March Eternal (Symphonies of Slit Wrists)"?

    1. I've been meaning to post something by them, I'll do it sometime in the near future.