Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Today Is the Day - Willpower (1994)

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Today Is the Day - Today Is the Day (1996)

Pro-tip: There is no such thing as the "best" Today Is the Day record. The way I see it, Willpower, Temple of the Morning Star, In the Eyes of God, and Sadness Will Prevail are all equally qualified for the title. But right now, I'm feeling Willpower the hardest, and I can at least say with minimal doubt that it's the best of their three Am Rep records. Math-y rhythms, thick, dissonant guitars, deranged leads, and a hallucinatory but razor-sharp and crushing overall feel, punctuated by the powerful, borderline terrifying vocals of supposedly very nice psychopath Steve Austin. Also, listen for "Simple Touch", a very rare moment of beauty in an extremely harsh body of work.

Track listing:
1. Will Power
2. My First Knife
3. Nothing to Lose
4. Golden Calf
5. Sidewinder
6. Many Happy Returns
7. Simple Touch
8. Promised Land
9. Amazing Grace
10. Execution Style

You are the angel and the fist

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  1. Just watched the AmRep Color of Noise doc. on Hulu and enjoyed every minute of it, so thank you for this!!!

  2. happening across this by some chance ! That is a pro-tip I feel very strongly about as well. Simple Touch is a stunner