Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sathanas - La Hora de Lucifer (2012)

By request, here's La Hora de Lucifer (the new mix and master, to be specific), the 8th album from longstanding US black/death metal band Sathanas. They've never been at all groundbreaking, but that hasn't stopped them from kicking plenty of ass for Satan, in a gnarly, thrash-y, early Bathory/Celtic Frost kinda way. If the chorus of "Hammer of Demons" doesn't get you headbanging, that part of your brain must not exist.

Track listing:
1. Forged in Eternal Fire
2. Engraved in the Book of Death
3. Battle of Bewitchment
4. La Hora de Lucifer
5. Dark Conjurings
6. Hammer of Demons
7. Nocturnal Reign
8. Blackest Hate

Unleash this fury
I hear the voices say to me
"Take your life and join us
We await"


  1. Great :) to fullness of happiness we lacking only two things:

    9. Angels Forsaken
    10. Demons of The Dark

    Vinyl bonus tracks.


    Great atmosphere :)