Friday, May 15, 2015

The Five Day Week Straw People - The Five Day Week Straw People (1968)

Some choice early psych for dat ass. The Five Day Week Straw People isn't some lost masterwork, but it's a solid collection of upbeat, druggy 60s garage rock. Plus -- and this is important -- it does contain "Sunday Morning?", whose warbly guitar textures and ethereal vocals arguably make it a (very) early piece of proto-shoegaze. It's also straight-up one of my all-time favorite songs.

This reissue contains the 10 original album tracks, followed by 9 previously unreleased songs from John Du Cann's other band, The Attack.

Track listing:
1. Five Day Week Straw People
2. I'm Going Out Tonight
3. Gold Digger
4. Postmen
5. Car Wash
6. Feel Like Having a Party
7. Sunday Morning?
8. Does It Rain!
9. If You Were Around
10. Dust in My Eyes
11. Magic in the Air [bonus]
12. Mr. Pinnodmy's Dilemma [bonus]
13. Freedom for You [bonus]
14. Strange House [bonus]
15. Feel Like Flying [bonus]
16. Too Old [bonus]
17. Go Your Way [bonus]
18. Now the Sun Shines [bonus]
19. Sleep Like a Child [bonus]

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