Sunday, May 17, 2015

Echtra - Burn It All Away (2004)

OG Cascadian black metal from one member of Fauna, one of the area's finest. Echtra's first solo release, Burn It All Away consists of three mesmerizing, exactly 23-minute monoliths seemingly designed to obliterate the conscious mind. Re-released on bandcamp as Echtra I (and made available for pay-as-you-will download) but it'll always be Burn It All Away to me.

Track listing:
1. I
2. II
3. II

A dream of animals dancing with my soul


  1. Wonder what the significance of 23 is with them. Everything with them on BC clocks in at 23 minutes, except for one at 22:59?!

    Been enjoying your area here and thanks again for completing my search for what turned out to be Giorgio Moroder's Einzelganger!

    1. I know! Every Echtra song is 23 minutes long. There's gotta be something to that, right?

  2. There is a variety of discussions in numerology about the significance of the number 23. One school of thought refers to it as The 23 Enigma. There are others. Don't know of anything surrounding 22:59 though. Maybe some inside joke for the artist.