Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lyd - Lyd (1970)

Hella druggy, dark, raw, heavy psych. Recorded in 1970, but didn't see an official release until 1992.

Track listing:
1. The Time of Hate and Struggle
2. Need You
3. Stay High, Fly Away Is Still OK
4. Double Dare
5. Think It Over Twice
6. Trash Pad

In the mornings, ever after
People lying cold as ice
Wondering whether it was worthwhile
Being dead but being right

1 comment:

  1. The Album-title/Bandname is actually the Norwegian (And even Sweedish & Danish, though spelled and pronounced slighthly different)
    word for Sound.
    ("I hear a sound" / "Sounds Good"/ "Soundcheck" a.o.)

    Cool kind of a "timeprint" album SOUNDS fabolous too. However This was the sound-of-the-times.
    (This, or the keyboard-ELP-kind of sound) and everybody sounded like this.
    So it was easy to dissapear in the sheer volume of it all, if ones record-label didn't went for a 100% promo- Package.
    These blokes are a bit darker on the Lyrics, though.

    Thank You, and ATB.
    Music Lover