Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sparklehorse - Distorted Ghost EP (1999)

Released between Sparklehorse's second and third albums, Distorted Ghost begins with "Happy Man (Memphis Version)", a track that answered the prayers of anyone, myself included, who fell in love with the apparent pop song that popped up, garbled and half-destroyed, on the Good Morning Spider track "Chaos of the Galaxy/Happy Man". The next four songs are prime Sparklehorse -- whimsical, melancholic, starry-eyed alt rock -- with a highlight in the stuttering noise pop of Daniel Johnston cover (thanks Nils) "My Yoke Is Heavy". Finally, the EP closes with an additional version of "Happy Man", this one done in the style of GMS favorite "Pig". An essential release for any fan.

Track listing:
1. Happy Man (Memphis Version)
2. Waiting for Nothing
3. Happy Place
4. My Yoke Is Heavy
5. Gasoline Horseys
6. Happy Pig

I woke up in a horse's stomach one foggy morning
His eyes were crazy and he smashed into the cemetery gates

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  1. My Yoke Is Heavy is a Daniel Johnston cover