Friday, May 8, 2015

Thy Catafalque - Sublunary Tragedies (1999)

Chaotic, cacophonous, avant-garde industrial black metal. Canned strings, programmed drums, metal-zone guitars, walls of industrial noise, vocals drenched in distortion and at times pitchshifted, and some moments of woozy beauty. I'm always a fan of programming your drum machine to play blastbeats faster than humanly possible, which is exactly what they do on the album-opening "Erdgeist", so bonus points for that.

Track listing:
1. Erdgeist
2. Ashesdance
3. Triumph Lightless
4. Come Lateautumn Rains
5. Via Millennia
6. Rota Mundi
7. Static Continuance

Glasshearted clouds above diving
Veering and falling and rising
Nightfall room, winter shade these days
I close my eyes when I am awake

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  1. Incredible Blog. It is a pity I have just discovered it. Variety and good taste is what really matters in here. I found a couple of old gems (and some not so old) and currently enjoying them. Thanks for posting these incredible records.