Saturday, May 30, 2015

Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve & Klaus Schulze - Transfer Station Blue (1988)

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An excellent, hard-to-find record that brings together Michael Shrieve (who's best known as drummer for Santana for their first eight records, but has a phenomenal catalogue of solo and collaborative efforts), Kevin Shrieve (who I assume is Michael's brother and I know nothing about) and the almighty Klaus Schulze. The first song, "Communique: Approach Spiral", is exactly what one might expect from this collaboration: Schulze's propulsive synth pulsations working in unison with Shrieve's pounding percussion to create a fluid, sustained sense of tension. After the relatively brief, ambient "Nucleotide", the title track starts off down the same road as "Communique" before taking a sharp turn into a lush, slo-mo disco groove that managed to give me chills the first time I heard it -- this should tell you something about what a goddamn nerd I am.

Track listing:
1. Communique: Approach Spiral
2. Nucleotide
3. Transfer Station Blue
4. View from the Window

Four winds

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  1. I've heard a lotta Schulze but not this one! many thanks.