Friday, April 17, 2015

Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor (1979)

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Richard Wahnfried is a pseudonym for the great Klaus Schulze. He doesn't, at least on Time Actor, use this alter-ego to reach beyond his usual pulsing synth-worlds, but merely allows for some heavily effected, half-sung, possibly improvised ramblings over top of them. This can make for a truly bizarre listening experience. For true nerds only.

Track listing:
1. Time Actor
2. Time Factory
3. Charming the Wind
4. Grandma's Clockwork
5. Distorted Emission
6. The Silent Sound of the Ground
7. Time Echoes
8. Agamemory [bonus]

To charm the wind to be your steed

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  1. I do like a lot of Schulze, but always been wary of this one - time to give it a whirl!