Saturday, April 18, 2015

Helvetia - The Clever North Wind (2006)

Duster - Stratosphere (1998)

Fuzzy, lo-fi indie/psych rock. It's a great record all the way through -- part easy, low-key indie rock, part far-out space rock -- with some amazing moments of stoned inspiration, like the blastbeat on obvious mixtape cut "Dusty Rue". Members of Duster.

Track listing:
1. Song of the Ancient
2. Now and Formerly
3. Dusty Rue
4. Beezlebub
5. Gladness (Is in the Heart)
6. A Wild One
7. The Clever North Wind
8. Dead Hands
9. A Great Division
10. Viva the Decline
11. Derdre of the Sorrows
12. Floaters
13. Laughter and the Art of Forgetting
14. Hellawaitsya
15. The Drowning End

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