Thursday, April 30, 2015

Aeternus - Beyond the Wandering Moon (1997)

One of the most perfect debuts in black metal history, Beyond the Wandering Moon deserves every bit of praise that it gets. It's perfectly raging and epic, with some folk-inspired melodies, tasteful keyboards, acoustic guitars, and deep, growling vocals that, along with the beefy production and tight, busy drumming, give the whole thing a death metal-y feel. I usually avoid posting albums that are as well-known as this one, but now that I'm a highly respected and influential blogger, I have a responsibility to raise awareness of second-tier classics such as this, in the hopes that one day, burgeoning black metal fans will listen to them alongside albums like Filosofem and Pure Holocaust. I do it for the children.

Track listing:
1. Under the Blade of the Dead
2. Sworn Revenge
3. White Realm
4. Sentinels of Darkness
5. Embraced
6. Vind
7. Waiting for the Storms
8. Winter Tale
9. To Enter the Realm of Legend
10. Celtic Harp Solo (The Last Feast)

When the wind scars the bleached faces, of the snowy land
cold scent of the wind, brings the truth from behind different sides

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