Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jack Rose - Opium Musick (2003)

With one foot in folk tradition and the other in the psychedelic avant-garde, guitarist Jack Rose followed very much in the footsteps of John Fahey: acoustic guitar as a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment and transcendence. His second solo record, Opium Musick might just save your life some day.

Track listing:
1. Yaman Blues
2. Linden Ave. Stomp
3. Mountaintop Lamento
4. Black Pearls

Flirtin' with the undertaker


  1. excellent selection as always!

    much enjoy your metal-stuff too - plz check out Yattering - Genocide; Incubator - Mcgilroy the Housefly & everything from Mörser!

  2. Many thanks for this blog!!