Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Extermination Dismemberment - Serial Urbicide (2013)

Some of the more ignorant shit I've posted here. They clearly never tried to be anything but mindlessly violent from the get-go (wtf is "extermination dismemberment?") As the album cover suggests, this is unintelligible, pointless brutal death metal that just chugs and blasts along endlessly in pursuit of shock and annihilation. If that's your kinda thing, you'll love this.

Track listing:
1. Evisceration Conceiving (Intro)
2. Disemboweled Engorgement
3. Gutted Face
4. Serial Urbicide
5. Deconstructive Parasite
6. Survival
7. Devastation Squad
8. Carnivore Outraged
9. Bloodbath Religion
10. Human Holocaust

Meat and stones are all that's left


  1. Titles also seem to come from a special death metal version of refrigerator magnet poetry. Woo!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Kinda like I said about Mortician -- it totally makes sense that hardly anyone likes it.